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Roman Wall Painting

image of wall paintingN.257


Most fragments were re-studied by Wendy Huggins in Spring 2011.

For relief terracottas that probably decorated wall surfaces see Terracottas N.167-N.170.

All wall painting fragments come from Rome, the Porta Salaria or Porta Pia (late 1st c BCE - early 1st c CE)


N. no no. image of wall painting
N.171: Dimensions: Max H 10.22 cm.; W 12.1 cm.; Th 3.87 cm. image of wall painting
N.172: Dimensions: Max H ca 16.2 cm.; W ca 19.0 cm.; Th ca 6.9 cm. image of wall painting
N.173: Dimensions: Max H 11.36 cm.; W 10.87 cm.; Th 3.94 cm image of wall painting
N.174: Dimensions: Max H 16.5 cm.; W 15.4 cm.; Th 3.93 cm. image of wall painting
N.175: Dimensions: Max H 12.58 cm.; W 6.73 cm.; Th 1.93 cm. image of wall painting
N.176: Fragment of a Painted Plaster Cornice: Dimensions: Max H 8.41 cm.; W 13.35 cm.; Th 3.35 cm. illustration not yet available
N.177: Dimensions: Max H 11.22 cm.; W 12.79 cm.; Th 2.74 cm. image of wall painting
N.178: Dimensions: Max H 11.07 cm.; W 14.07 cm.; Th 1.86 cm. image of wall painting
N.179 joins N.599, q.v.  
N.180 joins N.602, q.v.  
N.181: Dimensions: Max H 13.85 cm.; W 10.36 cm.; Th 1.88 cm. image of wall painting
N.182: TC Fragment of Painted Plaster: Dimensions: Max H 9.8 cm.; W 13.7 cm.; Th 2.0 cm. illustration not yet available
N.257: Cupid drives a chariot, the reins wrapping around his waist. In the field, tendrils and plants. Dimensions: Max H 31.0 cm.; W 21.5 cm.; Th 2.5 cm. image of wall painting
N.594-N.597 illustration not yet available
N.598 image of wall painting
N.599+179 image of wall painting
N.600 image of wall painting
N.601 image of wall painting
N.602+180: Dimensions: Max H 6.37 cm.; W 13.59 cm.; Th 3.5 cm. image of wall painting
N.603 illustration not yet available
N.610, 608+611: N.610 at left, N.608+N.611 at right, being "painted" with acetone image of wall painting
N.608+611: Painting the fragments with acetone revealed that N.608 joins N.611 to depict a winged, horned beast (child?) hovering to left, en face. N.610 has part of the wing of another creature. image of wall painting image of wall painting

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