Miniature Corinthian Skyphos



Miniature Corinthian Skyphos

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Bowl w convex sides spreading from low offset base to plain rim, prominent nipple on int center; horizontal handles of rounded rectangular section.attached at either side at rim. Main zone of decoration defined by 2 h stripes above, one below filled w opposing sphinxes on opposite sides of inverted palmette w small blob rosettes in main fields, larger under handles, all decorated w fine incised detail; below rays rise from base which solidly coated on ext w paint continuing onto to underside of base; handles solidly coated on ext.; int thinly coated w paint of varying thickness, so as to produce h stripes.

State of Preservation

Mended from 5 fragments; one fragment missing at rim. Dirt incrustation on int.

Rim Diameter

5.2 cm

Base Diameter

2.15 cm


Clay body 5YR 8/4 (pink); glaze 5YR 3/2 (dark reddish brown).