The most common usage is for the main silver coin of the Roman Republic and Empire. The term continued to be used in late imperial accounting and for subsequent coins. Nomisma does not exclude these uses of the term in context where these other senses are intended, though it may develop a more specific vocabulary in the future. 

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Title Alternate label Class
WC0002 Coin
WC0003 Coin
WC0004 Coin
WC0005 Coin
WC0006 Coin
WC0007 Coin
WC0017 Coin
WC0018 Coin
[Untitled] Coin
WC0020 Coin
WC0027 Coin
WC0042 Coin
WC0043 Coin
WC0044 Coin
WC0045 Coin
WC0046 Coin
WC0047 Coin
WC0053 Coin
WC0054 Coin
WC0056 Coin
WC0059 Coin
WC0080 Coin
WC0081 Coin
WC0082 Coin
WC0083 Coin